English Advanced Courses in London

Sat, 14th October to Fri, 20th October 2017

On Saturday night our journey to London started. After being welcomed by our warm-hearted and funny bus driver Jürgen, we headed towards Calais, took the ferry and finally arrived in London on Sunday morning.

We started our day by exploring Camden Market. We all enjoyed lots of tasty street food and got inspired by various impressions we caught up. In the evening we had the opportunity to watch the final performance of Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing” in the Globe Theatre. After having first doubts about three hours of yard standing and the difficult Shakespearean language we were all impressed by this stunning performance.


On the second day we saw a borough of London from a different perspective as a former homeless man guided us through the streets of Shoreditch. The trip to Oxford on Tuesday gave us the opportunity to gain insight into our future university ;). The charming architecture and British flair pleased all of us. We were able to extend our knowledge about Shakespeare by taking part in a workshop led by a professional actor in the Globe Theatre.

Having dinner with our advanced courses we exchanged the impressions gained throughout the last days in an Asian restaurant located in China Town.
On our last day we all broadened our horizons by visiting one museum of our choice, for example the Tate, Natural History or Imperial War Museum.

Throughout our whole trip we had lots of free time we spent shopping, sightseeing or just walking through London with our class mates. Especially in the evenings we had an amazing time playing games and spending time as a group.
All in all we enjoyed five great days together in London, therefore we would like to thank our teachers Frau Coupette, Herr Lürig and Herr Klevesahl for organizing and helping us on this awesome trip.

Authors: Jana, Nele & Johanna